Tips for Hiring Movers

Tips for Hiring Movers

Moving can be tedious. It can also be fun: when someone else does all the work. But be sure to do a bit of research before you hire movers to protect your stuff. Or, just read this article: Here are the definitive tips you’ll need to follow when hiring movers!

Moving Policies

If you’re considering hiring movers, it is important to stay informed on their moving policies and practices. Are they liable if your fragile glassware arrives in pieces? It’s also important to know about the business itself. ApartmentHomeLiving.Com provides helpful questions that ensure you or your stuff won’t be left in the dark.

Sign a contract, and make sure all your stuff is protected in it.  Don’t pay a huge deposit, as this is usually indicative of fraud. If you pay off the moving contract before the move is finished, what guarantees the movers will take all your stuff to the new house? According to, paying a large deposit could mean you won’t see your stuff again. Also, take a look at’s explanation of common insurance packages offered by moving companies. This is an added layer of security for your valuables.

One sure-fire sign of a good moving company is one who takes inventory of all your belongings before the move. This inventory is how moving companies generally determine how much it will cost to move your stuff, as this will tell them how much space will be needed for the move and how much approximately your belongings will weigh.

Extra Fees and Move Time

Staying informed can be a chore. An estimate from a professional moving business requires, at times, complicated variables. What must be considered, and what you should ask about, is how long it will take to move your possessions and how will your stuff be handled. Ask about previous experience, and what sort of challenges come with each move. If they have to walk up stairs to move your things, will it cost extra? What about moving things from a side street as opposed to a driveway?

Before you pack up your stuff, you may want to visualize how you will arrange your things before you arrive. Put yourself in the best position by labeling which boxes belong in which rooms. Don’t set unrealistic expectations for your movers. If the new home is a thousand miles away, don’t expect a rush, next-day delivery. And if you do get that rush delivery, you may have moved too fast.

What to Avoid

Definitely do not use a moving company that changed their name recently. This is indicative of fraud or a bad company attempting to escape its well-earned bad reputation. Similarly, avoid extra packing costs by making the time to pack all your things yourself. What’s better, to make a party out of it, inviting friends and family to help you move, or paying $1,000 for the time and people it will take for a professional moving company to pack all your stuff? Similarly, extra moving costs can accrue if movers have to move your things from a parking lot on the other side of the block from where your new place is, walk up three flights of stairs to deliver a couch, or pay for parking.

This is why, ultimately, it is best to never sign a blank contract. You will want to account for every possible situation in the contract so that there will be no hidden fees in the future. Account for the possibility of damages, difficulties with navigating convoluted streets in dense areas of the city, and stairs, parking, and the weight of the packages themselves.

Conclusion: Insurance

As states, you if things don’t go the way as planned, you have nine months to file an insurance claim. And, as they also mention, “All moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of the goods they transport.” You will want to view all the insurance options provided by your movers before the move. With full protection, companies will replace items they damage during the move or repair them. Alternative levels of liability make the mover responsible for about 60 cents per pound for each item. This option must be explicitly agreed to in the contract.

As you pack your things for the next big move, make sure to be cautious about which moving company you choose to handle your stuff. And following the tips above will put you in the best place to succeed.

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